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An Attitude of Gratitude

What a confusing and frustrating time this is for all of us.

As I began to formulate the idea for this blog post, I found myself staring out the window contemplating the situation. I found myself frustrated to be away from my work team but grateful to see my family throughout the day. Disappointed to have our beautiful one month old offices sitting empty but thankful to have this time with my beautiful one month old daughter. Of equal gratitude and importance is the safety of all loved ones within the Rust Belt family to date.

For every bad situation, there is a good one.

People are losing loved ones around the world with every passing day and no words can aid in overcoming that. This epidemic is spreading rapidly and everywhere we turn we hear of an instance that hits closer and closer to home. Devastating feels like an understatement and words as a whole seem shallow in all of this.

The good in all of this, at least that I can muster through my lense, is the pause we are taking as a world. We are learning to connect in new ways. Our planet is healing (the visuals of smog lifting in China are remarkable). We’re maintaining relationships in unique ways. An example for me was partaking in a happy hour yesterday with another couple. Standing in their driveway while we remained six feet apart, the interaction felt like nirvana. We’re beginning to find gratitude in what we lost sight of – human connection.

My hope for you, your loved ones, your colleagues and the human race as a whole is a renewed spirit of connection.

I cannot wait for that first sporting event we attend. A day in the office with my coworkers. A hug from a loved one outside of my home. The new normal that will ensue, whatever that may be. All of these little moments will seem so much bigger when all of this is done.

I am grateful for each one of you and pray that safety, as well as blessings, follow you through this confusing time. Here’s to our next handshake, high five or hug. I know that for me it will take on a different form than it may have in the past. May God bless and keep you in these trying times. Please let me know if we can help in any way.


Well, in the end my friend,

We will all be together again

Clutching onto my hand,

In a valley we’ll stand,

Just living again

“City On Down” by O.A.R.

Written by Taylor Evans