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Celebrating Three Years Of Business: A Message From Our President

THREE. Three years ago was the birth of Rust Belt Recruiting.

But it was a different birth that gave us the nudge to get started. We found out my wife Jenna was pregnant with our second child on October 19th, 2017. An hour or two later, she encouraged me to put in my two weeks notice the next day and start a business. A dream I had long been talking about. “Someday,” I’d say.

We didn’t have a plan, nor did we have clarity on what that business would be.

Given that I was in the recruiting industry, our conversations entertained maintaining the interests I had in my then-job – interfacing directly with others, a bit of puzzle solving, and ultimately, at the end of the day, making an impact – whether for a person, a business, or both.

Quickly it became clear that the sector which I could potentially make an impact on was one that was very important to me: Ohio’s backbone industry, manufacturing.

The shortage of our skilled workforce is a growing crisis. Situated in the heart of the Manufacturing Belt, which eventually took on the now proud moniker of the Rust Belt (a descriptor not everyone views with sparkle), our small firm enthusiastically serves as a bridge between hard-working Americans and great workplaces. Rust Belt Recruiting helps manufacturers of all sizes with the search, selection, and onboarding of smart, talented new hires.

Our mission is impact oriented, and that is what fuels me on a daily basis. We reach out and into the lives of others to lend a helping hand. It is a simple business model, and my viewpoint may be a little grandiose, but the intent continues to ignite a fire within me.

As such, Rust Belt Recruiting aims to be a catalyst for impact in this region. Our goal is to connect Americans with what they need most: JOBS.

Now, for the thank yous. It is with the utmost humility, respect, and gratitude that I say thank you to each customer that has entrusted us with their reputation and the opportunity to tell their story, to grow their team and their bottom line one hire at a time. The manufacturing community in the Midwest, and particularly in Ohio, is incredible. I am consistently energized by the industrial environment around us and sincerely humbled to play a small part in it.

I thank each candidate that has entrusted us with the next steps in their career. Some of the incredible stories we have witnessed along the way have caused us to laugh, cry, swell with pride and more. We work proudly on the behalf of each person to connect them with meaningful employment that provides a safe and happy living for them and their families.

To my colleagues, thank you for taking the chance on making a start up company your home. Our culture is strong, and our mission is clear – to impact lives. To date, we’re doing exactly that, and I look forward to what is to come as we continue down the road together.

Lastly, Jenna. Thank you for telling me that I could chase my dreams. It was your strength on the heels of that pregnancy test that has allowed us to continue to build our vision together. Without you, I don’t know if or when I would have made the leap. Truthfully, I doubt I would have. Your trust in me allowed Rust Belt Recruiting to become a viable company and impact lives like we prayed that we could.

Though it has only now been three, my gratitude, excitement, and motivation continues to grow with each year that passes.

As for those reading this, I ask that you consider joining us in whatever way fits, be it a client, a candidate, an employee, or just a friendly follower online, come along for the ride.

We are committed to the future and want you to be a part of it with us. Let’s roll!