There is a significant shortage of skilled workers in America. As a result, companies are behind on production and unable to meet their customers’ deadlines. On the other side, the unemployment rate remains low and talented individuals struggle to find quality jobs.

Since its beginning, our company’s mission has been to be a strategic growth partner of the many manufacturers and construction companies that produce greatness within this region (and outside). We authentically desire to be a contributor among the Rust Belt and greater Midwest region, knowing the positive impact that will bring to our country.


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We understand that every organization’s needs are different - we strive to customize our services to align with your requirements. It is our goal to build strong, strategic partnerships with our clients through the following service offerings:

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    "Rust Belt Recruiting is a very valuable business partner! They took the time to get to really know our business in order to help us meet our staffing demands. Our relationship has been outstanding and, in a particularly difficult labor market, they have played an instrumental role in helping us hire over 100 employees!"

    Dave K - Corporate Director of Human Resources