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Decoding Industrial Recruiting: Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

In the complex world of industrial talent acquisition, understanding the nuances between staffing and recruiting can significantly impact the success of your hiring endeavors. At Rust Belt Recruiting, we pride ourselves on being more than your typical staffing firm. 

Deciphering Staffing vs. Recruiting

At first glance, the terms “staffing” and “recruiting” might seem interchangeable, but the devil is in the details. While staffing firms focus on providing temporary or contract employees, recruiting firms, like Rust Belt Recruiting, are dedicated to finding permanent talent for their clients.

The fundamental difference lies in the duration of employment – staffing for short-term needs and recruiting for long-term, permanent placements. We do not work with clients who are looking to fill temporary or contract roles. Instead, we focus on our commitment to sourcing high-quality, permanent employees for our clients.

Interpreting the Industrial Sector 

We specialize in supporting manufacturers and industrial companies in the Rust Belt region and beyond and pride ourselves on addressing the specific needs of a niche market to focus on quality over quantity. From production roles to professional positions, we excel in providing permanent placement recruitment services tailored to the unique needs of the industrial sector.

Our focus on permanent placements underscores our dedication to fostering enduring relationships between employers and employees and fulfilling our mission of bridging the gap between hard-working people and meaningful workplaces.

Direct Hire Search: Translating the Traditional Approach

One of our core offerings is direct hire search, the traditional, yet effective, approach to securing top talent. 

Our direct hire offering entails a percentage-based fee (a flat fee can be considered) and a guarantee around the retention timeline of the candidate. The percentage and guarantee vary based on the type of role being filled. This process allows us to find qualified candidates to fit the specific needs of our clients. In a direct hire search, our recruiters will seamlessly complement your organization’s internal hiring process to deliver you quality applicants.

Direct Staffing: Solving Your Administrative Burden

We recognize the administrative challenges that internal teams face during the staffing process. To alleviate this, we offer a Direct Staffing model. This strategy allows you to hire your preferred candidate directly onto your payroll from day one while paying a spread-out placement fee over the first 90 days of a new team member’s employment. If a referred candidate does not work out over their 90-day probationary period, billing for that candidate is stopped.

Direct Staffing Case Study

RBO: Recruitment Outsourcing Explained

RBO stands for Rust Belt Outsourcing. This customizable model allows us to manage and execute your full (or partial) internal hiring process from start to finish. By outsourcing your recruitment process, we can save your company’s time, effort, and resources, while implementing best practices in your organization along the way. 

Outsourcing can be utilized in a variety of scenarios. A fully outsourced process allows your internal team to focus on longer-term outcomes such as candidate integration instead of the administrative burden of finding talent. If you have a hard-to-find, highly-skilled role to fill, outsourcing can be used for a one-time search if your internal team doesn’t have the bandwidth for a search of this nature.

Outsourcing is also ideal for companies that are on a growth plan that involves acquisition and/or expansion on a tight timeline. Outsourcing for a period of time allows you to temporarily add more muscle to your team to meet your talent goals and ensure that your acquisition and/or expansion is a success. 

“A fully outsourced model is not really something a company our size (50-100 employees) would normally look at because most of the models out there that are outsourced are very expensive but what Rust Belt was able to pitch to us was something that was right-sized for us.” -RBR Client

Rust Belt Outsourcing Case Study

Unlocking Our Ideal Client

At Rust Belt Recruiting, we prioritize choosing our clients carefully because we aim for mutual success from our partnerships. We’ve identified a profile that showcases our most successful client engagements. While these characteristics serve as a guide, it’s important to note that they’re meant to provide clarity, not exclusivity. Even if you don’t perfectly match every characteristic, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you achieve your goals!

These characteristics include: 

  • Operate in the industrial sector
  • Have 150-300+ full-time employees
  • Limited internal HR and/or talent acquisition infrastructure
  • Are located within a 150-mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Are ready to invest in high-quality talent acquisition solutions 
  • Are prepared to commit the time and attention to our highly consultative process

Learn more: Creating Successful Partnerships: Our Ideal Client Profile

As industry experts, we are confident in our ability to deliver the candidates your company needs in a more personalized and effective way than traditional recruiting or staffing companies. Whether you are searching for professional or production roles, we elevate and accelerate your hiring process to leave you with lasting talent acquisition solutions. 

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