Shop Talk

Engaging Employees

Make it all about EVERYONE! Your best ideas come from people on the front lines, don’t forget to engage them.

Your company is the sum total of all who are involved. Letting every person have a say (within reason) often generates great ideas! Empowering people to think goes a long way in employee retention and attracting future talent.

Too often management thinks it knows best, yet the most creative genius often comes from the people who are newest to the business. Fresh talent brings a new perspective every time.

At Rust Belt Recruiting we love to challenge our team to give feedback about our business as often as possible, rather than allowing them to get lost in the rut of just doing tasks. We throw in regular meals, coffee outings and lively banter, and we’ve got a pretty awesome thing going within our team (here are some ideas).

We want to see your business grow. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and would love to be your fresh set of eyes.

Now get back to work and put some change in motion!