Rust Belt Rundown

Episode 35 Featuring Ashley Lawson of Achieve Incentives & Meetings

We’re going abroad for this episode of the Rust Belt Rundown with logistics ninja, Ms. Ashley Lawson. Ashley is the Vice President and Managing Partner of Achieve Incentives & Meetings. Since the global pandemic began, Ashley set out to save her family business by proving that global travel was still safe (safer even in some parts) with only a backpack and her partner. After years in non-profit, Ashley said this was her chance to “serve in a different way”. Listen in to this episode as Ashley spills the tea on travel and business during a global pandemic.

And, even though Ashley is enjoying different foods from around the world, she still favors Barrio tacos and chip dip from Moosehead Saloon in Bay Village. Thank you Ashley for sharing your story! You can follow Ashley’s adventures by connecting with her and Achieve Incentives & Meetings on FacebookInstagramYouTube or LinkedIn.