Rust Belt Rundown

Episode 55 featuring Dr. Ethan Karp of MAGNET

Our guest this week is Dr. Ethan Karp, President and CEO of MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network.

In this episode we learn about Ethan’s educational background and what led him to ultimately pursue the impact that business and manufacturing can make. He shares with us the vision of MAGNET and how they aim to grow the local economy through collaboration. 

He offers us his insight on how the workforce is evolving and how automation and technology play into that as well as the workplace flexibility that is emerging in manufacturing. Read Ethan’s Forbes article on employee flexibility here

He also shares with us the importance of providing an experience to showcase careers in manufacturing and how it becomes a powerful marketing tool because of the social proof that it creates. MAGNET offers these experiences at their new headquarters in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood. 

Ethan’s top pick for food in Cleveland is Li Wah in Asiatown. Connect with Ethan Karp on LinkedIn and check out to learn more about MAGNET’s impact.