Rust Belt Rundown

Episode 68 featuring Adam Graves of Nestlé

This week we are joined by Adam Graves, President of the Pizza & Snacking Division at Nestlé

In this episode, we hear about Adam’s career journey with Nestlé over the last 16 years. He got his start as a marketing intern and has worked his way into his current position, which Paul has dubbed the greatest title of any podcast guest so far! 

Along with working in a variety of functions, he has also worked across the world in California, Switzerland, Colombia, Canada, and now Ohio. We learn how he applies his diverse experiences to his management and leadership, how Nestlé aims to be “consumer-obsessed” to succeed, and the importance of the manufacturing aspect of Nestlé’s operations among other things. 

He names Bogotá as the most interesting city for food that he’s lived in but gives Cleveland an honorable culinary mention as it’s the only city he has moved back to.

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