Rust Belt Rundown

Episode 75 featuring Lindsay Fleuriet of Postindustrial Media

Our guest this week is Lindsay Fleuriet, the Creative Director of Postindustrial Media. We are thrilled to have our second guest from Postindustrial Media join us to give an update on all things Postindustrial. (Listen to Episode 64 featuring Carmen Gentile of Postindustrial Media

In this episode, Lindsay offers us insight into her role as Creative Director and how she helps to shape the artistic direction of the publication’s narrative and their other efforts.

We also learn about her childhood growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, and how her family’s background lends itself to helping tell stories about postindustrial communities, the throughline of them being optimism about reclamation, shown through art. 

Lindsay’s restaurant picks are in Youngstown where you can find the best Italian food in Ohio! Avalon, Wedgewood and Elmton are her top picks for pizza.

Connect with Lindsay on LinkedIn and learn more about Postindustrial Media at