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Looking for Dedicated, Trained and Responsible Employees?

Has your business considered military veterans?

Trained to follow orders, yet also to think and work together as a team to solve problems, their work ethic is unparalleled.

United States veterans have proven to be strong contributors in the workforce, and a lot can be credited to the experience and training they received while in the military.

To succeed in the military a person must show true dedication to their peers and leaders, display the utmost responsibility for themselves and others, while also grasping the importance of paying strict attention to detail and following necessary orders with precise detail.

Experienced with a calm demeanor in high pressure situations, veterans are adept at thinking quickly, effectively and reacting with both poise and tact.

As stated by Manufacturing Tomorrow, “The military has a very strict and precise way of doing things with easy-to-drop-into workflows and processes. However, if something goes awry, you need to improvise and use critical thinking skills to solve the problem. It’s this ability to adhere to certain rules and standards, but still be able to improvise and think quickly, that makes veterans ideal employees.”

There are many resources available for veterans seeking careers in the manufacturing industry. Over 100,000 veterans have already participated in Get Skills to Work, a coalition of manufacturing companies and colleges dedicated to providing resources and training in manufacturing fields.

We honor our veterans on Monday, November 11 and invite you to see first-hand the positive impact a veteran can have on your employees and on your entire production by contacting us today.