Shop Talk

Manufacturing Jobs are Cool Again

The notion of a career in manufacturing as a poor choice is a thing of the past.

A little investigation into what these jobs entail reveals that creativity and problem solving are among the skills frequently rewarded at work.

Certain aspects of engineering projects are enjoyed by welders, electricians and infrastructure-related jobs. Workers in manufacturing jobs execute precision, pay attention to detail, and get the satisfaction of watching things come to life.

Finding a job in the trades, or even manufacturing, does necessitate some education after high school. However, required certificates, certifications or associate degrees are less costly and take less time than earning a bachelor’s degree. Tuition for these credentials is dramatically less than the cost of a traditional four-year college experience.

At first glance, a manufacturing job may not seem alluring. However, special training by industrial experts for a job in the shop can deliver a rewarding and lucrative work experience.