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National Working Parents Day

Maintaining a job is one of the most important things a person can do. Providing not only a means to live, but “work” is also designed to achieve a feeling of purpose, accomplishment, and hopefully, a contribution, of any size, to society.

One meaningful job that often gets overlooked is the role of a parent. Raising the next generation is an ultimate contribution to society and one that leaves behind legacies for those that follow.

Today, September 16th is National Working Parents Day – an opportunity to pause and appreciate the employees of our country who have essential duties not just at their workplace, but at home too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2019, among married-couple families with children, 64.2 percent of households had both parents working. Among families maintained by fathers, 85.2 percent of dads were employed, higher than the 75.4 percent of employed mothers in families supported by moms.

For years, the many challenges of a working parent have been undeniable. Now, more than ever, they are in the spotlight in a way that many would have never thought possible. Virtual schooling and decreased childcare availability are forcing parents to make difficult decisions.  Many Americans have left their careers as a result of the pandemic to stay at home full-time.

Some industries allow parents to work from home, even if having the apparent responsibility of their children home will pose natural distractions, schedule changes, and unavoidable limitations on their workday. However, the manufacturing workers that Rust Belt Recruiting proudly represents are usually not afforded the luxury of remote work. Their duties are hands-on and must take place onsite at the facility, often working with machinery, specific tools, products, and so on.

For those working parents in industries like manufacturing, where “work from home” is not an option; we feel for you. It is a challenge for all employed parents, whether working in-person or remotely. The juggling act is a lot of work – no pun intended!

We applaud and appreciate the efforts of the parents who work hard every day to support their families in countless ways. To working parents everywhere, happy National Working Parent Day!