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Proudly Celebrating Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is an initiative led annually by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) that shines a light on the manufacturing industry and the career paths available to the next generation.

Held this year on October 4, Manufacturing Day receives annual national recognition on the first Friday in October.

This grassroots movement was initiated to enhance the perception of modern manufacturing, and connect companies with the next generation of workers to build a talent pipeline and solve the skills gap crisis. 

There are numerous career paths in manufacturing that offer compelling and competitive work. Manufacturing Day is essential to making sure that students are made aware of the opportunities beyond the standard four-year college degree. 

Undoing the decades old mindset of college being the first and only choice, we see firsthand the contributions our skilled workers make to both our community and to our economy.

We encourage all of our manufacturing partners to get involved! Check out the over 206 MFG Day events planned in Ohio in 2019 or view these host resources to discover ways to support this year’s event Manufacturing Day.