Shop Talk

Recently Placed: Nef

Meet Neftali (“Nef”), who was hired as a Machinist for a local manufacturer in Lakewood. He brought experience working on machines for some of the company’s clients.

Nef came eager to learn and was brought on to the team to train under and eventually replace a lead team member of nearly 40 years who plans to retire next year.

When we met Nef, he was seeking a more positive workplace, opportunities for growth, and higher pay for his experience. We were excited to help connect him with an employer that appreciated his skills and was eager to give him the chance to be a sponge in their facility.

We were excited to help him find a position where he could use all of his skills, find career satisfaction, and thrive.

After Rust Belt helped him secure a new position, Nef told us it changed his work day and home life.

“I thank you guys for reaching out to me because now I know I’m at a career – not just a job – I know I’m somewhere that’s gonna help me with my future,” says Nef.

We were just as excited for Nef as he was after getting hired as a Machinist and are so happy for him and his family!