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Recruiting Success Stories: The Power of a Proactive Pipeline

Our commitment to quality shines brightly in the success stories of our recruiting team. We’d like to share the recent successes of our Lead Executive Recruiter, Ashley, to showcase the proactive approach our team brings to client engagements and candidate placements. 

Building a Pipeline

In February of 2024, Ashley submitted a highly qualified candidate for a Purchasing Coordinator role with one of our clients, a steel distributor.  

At this point in the search, the client had already begun the interview process with another candidate that Ashley had submitted a week prior. However, their team was impressed with the second candidate’s skill set and asked Ashley to keep him warm as they proceeded with the assessments and interviews required for the first candidate. 

The first candidate ultimately received and accepted an offer but Ashley’s wheels kept turning. She recognized the strong skill set that the second candidate had so she made sure to maintain communication with him for when a similar role came along. 

Patience and Persistence

Fast forward to April 2024 a similar position, an Estimator role, opened up with a metal fabricator. The candidate that Ashley had maintained communication with immediately came to mind. She reached out to him to share the new opportunity. He was thankful to hear from her about this role and was eager to be considered. Ashley went ahead and quickly submitted his resume and conducted a phone screen. 

The client, impressed by Ashley’s proactive approach and the candidate’s qualifications, agreed to interview the candidate. Just two weeks later, the candidate received and accepted the job offer!

Success Doesn’t Stop Here

Fortunately, this success story repeated itself!

One of our clients, a steel distributor, was considering a candidate Ashley submitted for their Customer Service/Inside Sales role. Unfortunately, the candidate was passed on in November of 2023. However, Ashley recognized that she was still a strong candidate so she kept their resume in her back pocket. 

Sure enough, an Inside Sales role for a metal fabricator popped up in May of 2023 and Ashley reached out to the candidate. She was still in the market for a new role and was grateful that Ashley kept her in mind. 

Ashely submitted her first to the client for consideration. Impressed by the candidate’s skill set, the client interviewed them and offered them the role! 

Our client was thrilled to have a quality candidate with just one submission!

Regional Leader in Manufacturing Talent Acquisition

Ashley’s experiences are more than just a success story but rather a reflection of the strategic approach and dedication that defines Rust Belt Recruiting. 

Our regional focus on the manufacturing industry gives us first-hand insight into what roles and skills our clients typically hire for and enables our recruiting team to build a robust network of highly qualified candidates. This specialized knowledge, combined with the proactive efforts of our recruiters, ensures that we can deliver results quickly and consistently.

Building Relationships 

We believe that success in recruiting is not just about filling positions but about building lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. Our recruiters, like Ashley, excel at maintaining these relationships and leveraging our extensive pipeline to meet the needs of our clients and create meaningful candidate relationships. 

We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to anticipate opportunities and act swiftly, to ensure that we place the right candidate in the right role at the right time. That is the true power of our pipeline!

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