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What Keeps Our Clients Up at Night?

As the owner of a recruiting agency, I consistently witness the staffing challenges companies face.

While finding and retaining talented workers is a top priority, it isn’t the only staffing issue facing decision makers and managers… and these troubles are more common than you think.

Here are a few all too frequent pain points that I discuss with my clients, along with solutions to remedy common problems:

1.) It is a challenge to prioritize finding new employees while also trying to meet the workload quota of our customers.

  • THE PROBLEM: How are we going to keep up with all of our workload AND find qualified people for these open roles?
  • SOLUTION: That’s where we come in. Not only as a recruiter, but also to provide assistance relative to both Human Resources and Operations needs, where the line often bleeds during the searching and hiring process. Rust Belt Recruiting can offload these functions by connecting you with quality individuals that match the skills and characteristics of your ideal candidates so you can save time and effort, focusing on other key priorities to run your business.

2.) I can’t get my agencies to understand my unique needs.

  • THE PROBLEM: Do you have regular, planned communication with your agency to review your process? Do they know what you want, or do they think they know? Vendor-partners can be crucial to helping your company overcome obstacles and advance strategic goals, but communication deficiencies will hinder progress.
  • SOLUTION: At Rust Belt, our goal is strategy and communication. First, we want to understand every quality and skill that makes up your ideal candidate. Personality. Work ethic. The efforts of our team should spare you both time and energy by taking detailed job information and actively seeking out that exact candidate.

3.) I am losing X number of dollars while this role is sitting empty.

  • THE PROBLEM: Your business is flooded with customer orders. In order to meet client demand, we need the right team in place to execute! When short on staff, production moves at a slower pace and we slip to hit deadlines or complete orders. The longer we go without key hires, we are losing money through lack of production and lowered productivity.
  • SOLUTION: Are you willing to put a full-time search into it? Do you have the resources to pursue and manage the process of identifying, qualifying, and placing talent? Hand it off to Rust Belt Recruiting and let us find and secure top employees. You didn’t become a master in your field to spend your time recruiting team members to join you. We became masters in this field so you can focus on growing your company.

A passion to support and participate with manufacturing and construction organizations in this region led to the creation of Rust Belt Recruiting. Our goal is to lighten your load by providing solutions to help you attract (and hang on to!) the best skilled workers in the area.

We want to make the perfect match for your company.