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What You Should Expect from a Good Staffing Company

Unemployment is at a 49-year low and the staffing industry is growing. However, statistics say performing below certain standards could leave you lagging behind.

  • Over half of staffing candidates reported no training or personal guidance during their assignment
  • Over a third received no engagement from their staffing company after accepting a position
  • Nearly 75% of candidates say their recruiting company’s reputation directly impacts their likelihood to apply for a job

With thorough client preparation and comprehension, staffing companies need to grow beyond quick search-and-spam results, prioritizing quality over quantity to ensure appropriate job placements.

As Founder and President of Rust Belt Recruiting, I believe it should be a basic industry standard to make a connection with candidates so that they are empowered, prepared, and suited for their upcoming opportunities.

Our mission is to change lives and evolve the workforce in manufacturing and construction. With this client-focused perspective comes a trustworthy reputation that focuses on successful placements for our clients, every time.