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Why Us: The Rust Belt Recruiting Edition

We are often challenging ourselves in what makes us different from other recruiting and staffing agencies.

Our ‘why’ defines everything that we do and it goes much deeper than playing matchmaker.

There is a mystique when you walk into a factory and can see the tangible products rolling off of the production line. Manufacturing is and needs to remain the backbone of our great region. Between manufacturing, construction and distribution, industry represents nearly 40% of Ohio’s economy. We cannot leave these industries to the wayside nor can we expect to ever replace them.

The genesis of Rust Belt Recruiting sprouted from my desire to participate in this mission.

Determined to be a part of the solution, I was motivated by the downtrodden: watching factories relocate or close down altogether, and the economic impact those job losses left on the entire area.

You see, I love second chances. When I was a kid, I had the opportunity to help rebuild an old car. Seeing it return to glory once completed was a memorable experience for me. That has carried into many facets of my life. I myself am a second chance. I’ve made mistakes along the way, struggled with my own vices and know the pain that comes with having to course-correct in life. What inspires me is that there are many of the same success stories along the Rust Belt and throughout the country. We’ve been kicked, we’ve been down, but we have never been broken.

We bend but don’t break.

At Rust Belt Recruiting, we strive to face the challenge and turn the narrative of an old moniker that manufacturing carries from decades past. We are a young company, motivated to build and contribute to something great in our region. The goal of our team is to exceed client expectations by securing intelligent, hard-working employees, talented in their trade, who are going to be invaluable to the company’s success. 

We are honest and straightforward. We undergo thorough candidate vetting and bring a thoughtful approach to a process that hasn’t always been simple or organized.  Our team takes time to understand our client and their needs.   

A great quote popped up the other day. “You are only a failure if you stop trying.” So simple, so true. Northern Ohio and the Rust Belt region have never stopped trying. Through the hard times, we have persevered.

Today a groundswell is around us and the time to build ourselves up again is now.

Rust Belt Recruiting strives to make a positive economic and social impact in our region. If you could use the search support and the energy of our team, we would love to hear from you.